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Why Pay More For Web Hosting?The Freebee websites are too featureless. Often, websites cost way too much. Just like Baby Bear’s porridge, Goldilocks found websites by Affordable Webcrafter’s to be priced Just Right!

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1and1 Website HostingEntry level website hosting from 1and1 starts a 99¢ a month. Unlimited Pro Plans are only $8.99 a month! Dedicated servers also available.

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Gen Z

Gen Z lives on their smart phones. They don’ use PC’s and email. Get their attention by sending them automated TXTs with your marketing message & deals! TXT emarketing to 1.773.770.4377 for more info.

Baby Boomers

Baby boomers are less likely to embrace technology. This may explain the flip phone’s comeback. Old fashion email is a great way to market to boomers. Use the form to the right to try the demo.

Web Design

Responsive website design allows your website to display properly on all devices. Proper design helps your pages rank better. Keeping navigation simple helps visitors easily find info.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Your website is a grain of sand on a huge beach. Good web design that utilizes the best SEO techniques will help new prospects find your company or organization!

1and1 Website Hosting

1and1 offers website hosting plans from entry level to managed WordPress to high performance / high demand. Plans include one domain name.


Custom Online Applications

You want to send birthday cards to your website’s visitor’s pets. How do you collect the name of the visitor, their email address, pet names, birth date and a picture? A custom pet app!

What's Your Competition Doing?

Want to outrank your competitors on Google? Using special SEO tools, your top competitor’s keywords can be analysed in addition to the most popular keywords used on Google searches.

Google Webmaster Tools

Track your site’s search performance with Google Search Console. If something’s wrong with your site, get help fast using Google’s top issues list, support documentation and testing tools.


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New Websites

Design new websites

Redesigned Websites

How is your Google ranking?


Search Engine Optimization will increase the quantity and quality of traffic to your website

Custom Applications

Custom online forms and more

Website Hosting

Let us host your website


A blog is a good way for Google to find new content on your website

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What We Do

Building websites since 1997! The mission of Affordable Webcrafters is to provide great websites at a great price point. A website is a single grain of sand on huge beach. People like to look at great pictures. Google ranks pages in part on great code. SEO is like baking a cake. All the ingredients have to be just right or the final product will disappoint. Blogging, social media, links and more contribute to a high ranking page on Google. Contact us today!



  1. 1 IT’S COST EFFECTIVE: With proper SEO optimization, businesses can expect long-term results and benefits. A sound digital marketing strategy is crucial to your business growth and success.
  2. 2 IT LEVELS THE COMPETITION: With SEO optimization, you can reach your target audience with efficiency. “A well researched SEO strategy will allow any small business to compete with even the biggest business organizations.
  3. 3GET LONG TERM RESULTS: It’s the tortoise vs the hare. A long-term SEO strategy can yield a much higher ROI over time.
  4. 4HELP PROSPECTS FIND YOUR BUSINESS: Quality content, proper keyword research, using social media platforms and other marketing techniques will make your business visible to potential consumers across the internet.
  5. 5INCREASE YOUR PROFITS: When used correctly, SEO can significantly increase your profits.
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