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Before You Decide:

Google FreeIf you Google the word “free”, you get over eight BILLION results! If You Google “free ecommerce software“, you’ll get over 44,000 results. Free is a popular word on the internet! If you were going skydiving, would you want the “free parachute” or would you be will to pay a fair price for a professional to pack your parachute? You often hear the quote “Price, Quality, Service. Pick Two” but would you really give a vendor permission to screw up in one of these areas? Your business would be better off with a vendor that is competitive in all areas and just not trying to meet minimums. If you are just building an eCommerce site, there are many good free options. If you building a “team” that will design and maintain your eCommerce website, there will be upfront costs. If your parachute doesn’t open or your eCommerce site crashes, free may not be all that free after all!

Getting Started:

When you buy a new vehicle, do you look for the least expensive model? Do you look at quality? Features? Service? Your eCommerce project should be approached the same way. eCommerce software should fit your business. Your business should not have to “adapt” to use the eCommerce software.

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