Sample MySQL Database

Sample MySQL Database

NOTE: You will instantly see changes to data added, edited or deleted from a database.

EXAMPLE #1:Pet Database:

Your an animal lover. You want to offer a free pet rescue database, links to pet related websites and a blog for pet lovers to tell their favorite stories. The links and blog are easy. THE PROBLEM is you are not going to buy a pet rescue app in any online store. THE SOLUTION is a custom application by Affordable Webcrafters!

Don’t settle for 80% of the features you need in an off-the-shelf application. Get 100% of the features you need in a custom application by Affordable Webcrafters.

Export your data to an Excel, Word or PDF file.

Sample Contact Database

Sample Contact Database

Example #2: Contact List:

Need a contact list that can be easily updated?

Affordable Webcrafters can design a custom MySQL database application that display any data your app requires. Both you and the contact can receive confirmation emails. Click here to add your name to the Affordable Webcrafters  sample contact list.

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Hungarian Vizsla

Hi. My Name Is Chibby Which Is Hungarian For Rascal.